MASK — Hey Jude

MASK — Hey Jude

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-For every mask purchased, we are donating one to a hospital or local organization in need.
- Coupons will not be allowed as this is a donation product

- Masks are all handmade
- Masks are made with 2-layers of coordinating fabrics  (These do not necessarily match the original sleeve parings)
- Made with 3/8" elastic for the ears (Subject to change if stock of elastic is impacted)
-Masks are 6x9" when extended. All masks are pleated to encourage the fabric to conform to the wearer's face.
-Masks have been lint rollered during and after production, and will arrive in a polybag.
*We encourage you to wash the mask upon receipt as it will be handled by multiple mail carriers before arriving to your doorstep.

Love Your More is in no way liable should the wearer contract COVID-19 after wearing this mask. It is not intended to be worn for complete protection, and it is advised you stay home. This mask is intended for limited use such as grocery shopping/curbside pickup, and offers roughly 75% filtration.

No mask may be returned for any reason due to health and safety concerns. It is suggested you wash the mask  upon arrival as it and it's packaging will have passed through many hands to reach you.