Frogwarts Retreat In A Box

Frogwarts Retreat In A Box

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Welcome to Frogwarts! A magical stitching retreat right in your own home! 

This July, let us spoil you with stitchy goodness inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter! You can expect to find our monthly needleminder, our monthly DMC palette and specialty fiber of the month, and a custom cross stitch pattern from The Black Needle Society, plus MORE! Boxes come with 9-11 high quality and thoughtfully planned items, including items you can use while stitching, and items you can use to decorate your stitching space, and to pamper yourself!

We are proud to announce that all items will be sourced from U.S. manufacturers and small businesses! Items retail value is $90+

As we will not be able to physically meet for Frogwarts Year 1, we instead will be hosting a digital retreat for anyone who has purchased a Frogwarts Retreat In A Box. The digital retreat will be hosted via an online conference service (such as skype or zoom. More information will be provided as we have time to test and research different platforms), and will include a full schedule of events for the weekend including A HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON! (At this time, you must own a copy of the movies yourself, however we are looking into ways to host an online watch party to keep everyone in sync). We will also be posting a schedule which will include various games, contests, and prize drawings centered around events in the movies and books.

This is a Special Edition Retreat In A Box available now for single purchase. This box is expected to ship July 5.

Pre-orders close April 26